About Raycap Electrical Protection Systems

Our reputation is built on performance.

Raycap has decades of experience creating products that protect the world’s most valuable assets. Founded in 1987, Raycap has built a worldwide organization with offices and production facilities throughout Europe and in North America. Raycap’s reputation is built on its core competency of providing leading-edge solutions based on technological innovation. The electrical protection division is headquartered in Munich, Germany and manufactures and supports advanced products for telecommunications, renewable energy, transportation, defense and other important applications worldwide.

Our customers design and operate some of the most sophisticated, mission-critical equipment in existence. Our job – and our passion – is to keep that equipment running seamlessly through any surge in voltage. It’s an important job that we take very seriously. We are driven to make continual advancements in the design and manufacture of our world-leading surge protection technology.

Raycap has led the way in the field of electrical protection by collaborating with its customers and transforming their needs into unique and innovative solutions such as Strikesorb®, which represents the state-of-the-art in surge protective technology. 

Raycap operates on the belief that the ideal solution requires a deep foundation of knowledge and experience combined with a clear understanding of each client’s goals. Our team of talented, dedicated, highly experienced staff works together and with customers to find the best-fit solution to meet their needs. As a result, more than 50% of the products we deliver are custom built for specific customer applications and to their specifications.

We never compromise on quality. From rigorous internal and independent testing to consultative, customer-focused service to a ten-year guarantee, Raycap is determined to deliver the highest quality product with the responsiveness, innovation and agility to meet the needs of diverse industries.

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